Next Generation OTT Worldwide

Using our Livestreaming Platform you can distribute TV and Radio channels, as well as all other types of online streams. We will deliver your streams through a fully encrypted WebRTC-based network, allowing secure transport to any part of the world, from your source to your end customers. All this without having to invest resources in servers, CDN providers or encoding services.

We offer you an unlimited number of Streamers (our broadcasting software) and a customizable HTML5 Player.

Peerflow will deliver your livestream from your Source to your End Users without the need for any additional 3rd party Media Encoding services or CDN's.

Intuitive User Interface and Flexible management

Detailed data about video streaming performance, customer behavior and experience, used resources, and notifications for possible issues.

Faster and easier introduction of new functionalities, maintenance and updates with the latest stable version of the system.

Easily manage your livestreams through a centralized control panel.

PeerFlow Intuitive User Interface and Flexible management
PeerFlow Unlimited scalability

Unlimited Scalability

PeerFlow uses a different approach to deliever livestreams. Rather than CDN edge nodes, PeerFlow creates a mesh network between all participants (peers), which are helping each other. This approach ensures infinite scalability, eliminating traffic peaks and peak-hours saturation.

In other words - the bigger the audience, the better the quality of service.

Extensive Support for Media Formats and Encoding Types

Our system supports many different types of sources - MPEG-TS over UDP, MPEG-TS over HTTP, HLS, MPEG-DASH, and the most common encoding types - H264 AAC / MP2.

We provide continuous updates with the latest technologies available.

Extensive support for media formats and encodings
Fast and easy integration

Fast and Easy Integration

With the HTML5 and WebRTC technologies we use, you are just a few steps away from integration with your Web-based platforms, mobile or native applications.

We don't require any on-premise hardware or network changes. No need to install end-user plugins or applications, either.

This way you can enjoy quick setup and auto-scaling.


Our main focus is privacy and security. Any connection between involved parties is encrypted. Every chunk of transferred content is checked for integrity and corruption.


Fallback System

If devices have trouble sending or receiving data from other peers, our platform automatically switches from P2P to the underlying "Injector" or "Super-peer".

This ensures no customer will ever experience any delay or buffering caused by failures of single peers.

Cloud-based or On-Premise

We don't require any hardware or CDN servers to run your service, since our management and peer coordination run exclusively over our PeerFlow Cloud.

You can test, control and monitor using the PeerFlow online dashboard.

On the other hand You can also gain control of every part of the software with an on-premise installation of PeerFlow, for 100% privacy and independence from external services.

Cloud based or On Premise
Push Streaming

Push Streaming

Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is this the most common way to stream video or audio content.

PeerFlow supports RTMP push streaming, allowing to use some of your favorite Playout, Broadcaster, Gamecaster software like OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, Wirecast, XSplit, Vmix, VPlay 5, DV Play and many others.

Social Publishing

Increase the popularity and distribution of your videos by publishing them natively to social media platforms.

Easily publish a live session or any other live events to your favorite social network or video sharing applicaitons like Facebook, Youtube.

You are only few clicks away from sharing your live video to the mainstream social platforms.

Social Publishing