OTT: Unleash the power of P2P

OTT (over – the – top) is about delivering media content and interactive TV using the IP network.
OTT, as the name itself suggests – “over-the-top” – uses the public internet to deliver content, not only on TV, but also on mobile and / or PC devices.

PeerFlow OTT solution

Over-the-top (OTT) services have reached an all-time high with 85.2% of all households in the USA being subscribed to an OTT video service such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, DAZN, and others in 2023. Revenue in the OTT Video market is projected to reach US $126.50bn in 2023.
This growth has rocketed in the last few years due to relatively low pricing for OTT video services and a variety of players entering the market.

Peerflow is a perfect example of the benefits of highly scalable P2P technology in content streaming as an alternative to traditional IPTV and cable operators.
Our technology stack can be used by broadcasting companies around the world to improve video QoE and cost efficiency.
Providing a high-quality video experience for your customers and end users is crucial for you, as a content provider, in order to compete in the growing OTT broadcasting market.

The ever-growing demand for live content brings up enormous challenges in scaling your infrastructure. PeerFlow will help you tremendously to tackle these challenges, and allows you to run your infrastructure at a predictable cost and with maximum scalability.
Whether it is for live streams, TV’s, online radio stations, user-generated content or video-on-demand, our content delivery technology allows broadcasters to improve performance, enhance reliability and expand their services across the globe.

PeerFlow allocates the content delivery between our intelligent cluster of Injectors and SuperPeers and a mesh network of devices watching the same stream. This way, viewers will connect and share your live content with each other. The more viewers, the better your stream works.
This architecture is better for scaling and more resilient during streaming peak hours. You will forever forget worrying about your viewer count or stream quality. PeerFlow removes all your CDN bandwidth, while increasing your viewer count. This enables you to reduce costs and increase your revenue.

PeerFlow operates as a service that organizes peers/viewers and provides detailed analytics and control.
PeerFlow is integrated with the broadcaster’s existing platform by deploying a few lines of Javascript on the web page where the video player resides. Once PeerFlow is integrated, the users can fetch video segments from either the PeerFlow infrastructure or from their peer group, depending on which performs better at any given time.

Are you a local cable TV provider looking for a market share of OTT video services? Or maybe an OTT video or audio provider looking for an opportunity to scale your streaming infrastructure at a predictable, flat cost model? Contact us at any time for a free PeerFlow OTT trial.